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Password Factory v.0.7

So I finally got around to updating Password Factory again.  This is the bulk of the features I want to add to the application.  I wanted to get all the basic features in before I started using the newer version of the SDK, as there are still people using this application on Android 1.5.

Once I have used this version for a while, and feel comfortable with this version, I will start looking at updating my SDK version, as the old SDK doesn't look nearly as good on my new HD display on my Rezound.  I was living with the ugliness, but I thought I should update soon.  I will likely update to Android 4.0 once it rolls out for the Rezound.

Anyway, I am still open for ideas and recommendations.  If there are features you want (especially if you are running on an old version of Android), please let me know.  Once I start upgrading my SDK required, I won't go back and add feature to older versions.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the update!




Password Factory v.0.6

So, I skipped version 0.5.  Well, I didn't really, but as soon as I published it and loaded it on my own phone, I realized I broke some existing preferences by changing them from String to int.  So I fixed that in this verison by retiring the old preference, and creating an entirely new one.

The thing that will probably most interest you is the ability to adjust the frequency or rather, the probability of any generated passwords containing numeric values.  The probability can be adjusted from 0 to 50% for any given character.

Also, when updating preferences, I changed the way you set them to use sliders.  I think it is a better interface.  I hope you like it.


Password Factory v.0.4

Okay, so I haven't updated in a long time.  The good news is, I finally received comments.  The bad news, they weren't good.  One comment made no sense to me.  It said that the application didn't work (no explanation), and that it force closes all the time.  I have no crash reports, so I am not sure what is happening.  If anybody is having issues with crashing, please email me.  I am curious what could be going on in such a simple app.

Anyway, the other comment did give some useful feedback.  I did think about opensourcing this app, as I don't have a lot of time to commit to this.  That said, it wasn't hard to add the one feature "Didier" asked for was copy to clipboard.  There isn't a lot of information out there on the depricated clipboard, and there are a fair amount of people still running old versions of Android, so I stuck with the depricated ClipboardManager.

That said Didier, if you are still out there, you now have copy to clipboard by simply clicking on a password in the generated list.  I hope you like it, and I am sorry for the delay.


Password Factory v.0.3

I made these updates a while ago, and I had planned to make more before publishing.  It has been so long, I feel I should at least get these changes published.  

I have added some special characters to the mix.  I also added the ability to set how many passwords are generated at a time.

My future plans include preferences as to what character types to include in the passwords, and possibly a min and/or max of each type.  That will have to wait for another day.  Until then, I hope these changes at least make it a little better.

Besides, it is a free app that should run on every phone with no problems, no adds, and all for free.


Password Factory v.0.2

The application generates semi-pronounceable passwords.  It may not be quite as secure as fully random passwords, but hopefully a password can be remembered without having to write it down.  It generates multiple passwords at a time, and you can choose the one that is most memorable to you.


Remember, just because a password is generated somewhat randomly, does not mean that it is a good password.  If a generated password is a real word spelled correctly, it is not a strong password no matter how it was generated.  Use some judgment, and feel free to make further changes to the password to make it even more memorable and more powerful (change case, letters, numbers, and add more special symbols).


Recent Changes

I have added a preference to generate passwords of multiple lengths.  In addition, I have changed the generated passwords to display in a scrollable list for those who have phones that cannot view everything in the old layout.  There will be more changes to come.